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Some time ago we received a call from the owner of a very well bred 4Yo.The gelding standing at approx 18.hh,was just too difficult to start and assistance was needed.

We collected the horse and loaded him however he made his concerns known to us when he thrashed our trailer and all without shoes.

We commenced work immediately with him as some basic understanding was required this was challenging but we were making progress.Unfortuneately he lost tons of condition and was eating us out of house and home.We discussed the issue his Vet and blood testing was persued the blood results were very good so we were confused.

There was a strong possibility he was undergoing a healing crisis all emotional so we helped him and turned him out.

He returned to a better place and is putting on condition and with winter here we took him in full time and are commencing work in the immediate future.The Dutchman 1
The Dutchman
A Thrashed trailer
A difficult horse

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