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REIKI training courses Level 1& Horses.

We are running a REIKI level 1 training course for Horses-Animals and Humans.

The training course will complete the Level 1 standard  allowing healing for yourself, friends and  special training for healing all animals especially Horses.

The cost for the 2 day course including manuals ,refreshments,demonstration,

are €250.for full level 1 course and follow up session.

Limited places available.

 What is REIKI.

REIKI is an ancient Energy healing Modality

                              Level 1.

Day 1&2 : 9.30AMto 4.30PM.

REIKI History and origins.

Reiki Principles

Introduction to the Chakra systems.

Calling in and affirmations.

Meditation healing

A REIKI Level 1 attunement  (Allowing- assisting in chanelling healing energies).

Guide lines for self healing and others.

Hand positions for treating Humans.

Day 2.

Meditation healing.

Healing animals.

Equine behaviour  characteristics.

Horse chakra system.

A Healing treatment(Horses)

Complete Reiki Manual detailing course and certificate.

Information on animal treatment.

Demonstration of healing and handling of horses.

Trainer: Jim Fogarty.

REIKI Master and Healer .Tera Mai &Usui

IET.Adv Practitioner.C.Animal Energy Healing. C.ClnH.NLP.Prac. Horsewhispering and Gentling Specialist

.bb7bb3        Venue.

Horse Therapy Centre.

Ballyteague House.








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