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Ear greyNibbling her ear
3y/o gmA Chilled walk
grey mareRelaxed
Grey 3yoPractice

we received a call from the owner who was experiencing difficulties in starting this grey mare.

The mare a 3 y/o,bred for jumping with good lines was developing sharp and unwanted responses to standard breaking procedures.

There were also head shy issues adding to the complexities.

We find that quite often well bred horses need lots of understanding.

We have had this mare for little over a week and she is making good progress.The head issues have all but disappeared and we are now working on other underlying issues that are generally not recognised or ignored probably because people do not realise their consequences  maybe  later in the horses career  underachieving spooking rearing etc.

The mare is young and possibly anxious.

Remember ignore bad advice , it is easy to notice, people give it freely.




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