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Chestnut Mares have a reputation for being difficult.This was certainly the experience of the Vet,aquired help,experts etc when it came to this lady.

While attending a dinner recently the owners introduced me to the Vet in question and some of the help that had met Bi Bi.They all sympathesied with me when they heard we would be starting her.

The Mare is a fine specimen By Romero B out of a Frensi Mare good showjumping lines owned and bred by Dee & Liam Lynham of Rathdrum Wicklow.

The photographs demonstrate the Introduction of the Bridle and Roller and her acceptance and post experience relaxed attitude.

This leaves The Chestnut Mare in a better place to move on.




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Some time ago we received a call from the owner of a very well bred 4Yo.The gelding standing at approx 18.hh,was just too difficult to start and assistance was needed.

We collected the horse and loaded him however he made his concerns known to us when he thrashed our trailer and all without shoes.

We commenced work immediately with him as some basic understanding was required this was challenging but we were making progress.Unfortuneately he lost tons of condition and was eating us out of house and home.We discussed the issue his Vet and blood testing was persued the blood results were very good so we were confused.

There was a strong possibility he was undergoing a healing crisis all emotional so we helped him and turned him out.

He returned to a better place and is putting on condition and with winter here we took him in full time and are commencing work in the immediate future.The Dutchman 1
The Dutchman
A Thrashed trailer
A difficult horse

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Blondie and riderBlondie and owner going home.
A relaxed mare and owner A relaxed mare Blondie and owner,
 Blondie Arrives

Her first day

A Healing Session

Healing session


Healing Process
A Healing process


Her first saddle and bridle

Her first saddle and bridle

Late summer we received a call from a horse owner.The owner and family competing and winning on a regular basis in Ireland and abroad had a dilemma their Mare had been away for 5\6 weeks and had been returned as un breakable.

The options were not great as the yard in question was a reputable yard.The future for the mare was not looking good.

The mare we will call her Blondie !! for discretionary purposes was very well bred and should do well.

We were advised honestly that she had an attitude for attacking,lunging and threatening with teeth and I mean serious,

Blondie arrived with 1.3.Metres of roap attached to her bridle.

And we started work.

Some photos are attached displaying some of her attitude but also her change.

From arrival to her going home all work was undertaken in a non violent way.

Some weeks after her arrival we sent a picture of he first saddle and bridle to her owners,their response was "Wow that's some change" and it was.


We continued our work all at her pace,this was difficult at times. I observed how the horse interacted with certain staff.

They saw it as a horse issue and would make silly statements such as "thats a dirty habit" and wanting to adjust the bit and tighten or fit nosebands,when feel was what was required.

It is interesting to note that people can be around horses for years and never learn, listening is difficult for some people  either way it's ignorance and need's re education.


Blondie certainly was challenging and what was fascinating was how soft and affectionette she is however this was  not always apparent.

Her owner came to  asess ride and collect her it was great to see that Blondie was so settled and all of this without breaking her spirit or causing her discomfort to overcome our problems and weakneses.






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