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REIKI training courses Level 1& Horses.

We are running a REIKI level 1 training course for Horses-Animals and Humans.

The training course will complete the Level 1 standard  allowing healing for yourself, friends and  special training for healing all animals especially Horses.

The cost for the 2 day course including manuals ,refreshments,demonstration,

are €250.for full level 1 course and follow up session.

Limited places available.

 What is REIKI.

REIKI is an ancient Energy healing Modality

                              Level 1.

Day 1&2 : 9.30AMto 4.30PM.

REIKI History and origins.

Reiki Principles

Introduction to the Chakra systems.

Calling in and affirmations.

Meditation healing

A REIKI Level 1 attunement  (Allowing- assisting in chanelling healing energies).

Guide lines for self healing and others.

Hand positions for treating Humans.

Day 2.

Meditation healing.

Healing animals.

Equine behaviour  characteristics.

Horse chakra system.

A Healing treatment(Horses)

Complete Reiki Manual detailing course and certificate.

Information on animal treatment.

Demonstration of healing and handling of horses.

Trainer: Jim Fogarty.

REIKI Master and Healer .Tera Mai &Usui

IET.Adv Practitioner.C.Animal Energy Healing. C.ClnH.NLP.Prac. Horsewhispering and Gentling Specialist

.bb7bb3        Venue.

Horse Therapy Centre.

Ballyteague House.





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                                  Commencing September 2013 Modular training course 1.


                                                                         Kildare Ireland     


             Mod Training course 2013
                           Essential Knowledge.

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Confidence building and Fear Removal for Horse Men and Women.


Available By appointment.

James Fogarty.ClinicalHypnotherapist

Con Hyp.(NGH)Cert Cl.Hypnotherapist.Mst.NLP.




Confidence building and fears can be addressed very quickly and efficiently with our modern and qualified approach


Many people develop a unnatural or exagerated fear of Horses and many other animals.

Fear is a necessary emotion but sometimes it is out of proportion to our quality of life or well being.

We have successfully addressed these phenomenons for many people.

Our methods are very effective  fast and proven.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise we can help you overcome your Fear or Phobia very quickly and safely no matter  whether it is recent or as long as you can remember.

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Chestnut Mares have a reputation for being difficult.This was certainly the experience of the Vet,aquired help,experts etc when it came to this lady.

While attending a dinner recently the owners introduced me to the Vet in question and some of the help that had met Bi Bi.They all sympathesied with me when they heard we would be starting her.

The Mare is a fine specimen By Romero B out of a Frensi Mare good showjumping lines owned and bred by Dee & Liam Lynham of Rathdrum Wicklow.

The photographs demonstrate the Introduction of the Bridle and Roller and her acceptance and post experience relaxed attitude.

This leaves The Chestnut Mare in a better place to move on.




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Ear greyNibbling her ear
3y/o gmA Chilled walk
grey mareRelaxed
Grey 3yoPractice

we received a call from the owner who was experiencing difficulties in starting this grey mare.

The mare a 3 y/o,bred for jumping with good lines was developing sharp and unwanted responses to standard breaking procedures.

There were also head shy issues adding to the complexities.

We find that quite often well bred horses need lots of understanding.

We have had this mare for little over a week and she is making good progress.The head issues have all but disappeared and we are now working on other underlying issues that are generally not recognised or ignored probably because people do not realise their consequences  maybe  later in the horses career  underachieving spooking rearing etc.

The mare is young and possibly anxious.

Remember ignore bad advice , it is easy to notice, people give it freely.




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